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An apology to my Baaba
Saul Korin

My Baaba (not sure why Baaba and not Bubbe) passed away in 2008. She was a pious, religious woman who wrote her grandchildren's birthdays in her siddur (prayer book) so she could remember their Hebrew birthdays.

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Past Blogs

Behind the Scenes: Art and Culture at the MJCC    
Lenny Steinberg

This is a quick behind the scenes look at how we and others are welcoming new models to provide programs to our communities. Even with what sometimes feel like seismic shifts in regards to pivoting programming to a virtual platform, as they say, “the show must go on.” 

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What Makes the JCC a Movement?
Steve Albert

The Jewish Community Centers Association of North America (JCCA) prides itself on bringjng together JCC’s “in a unified movement.” But what is it that makes JCC’s a movement?

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Finding Community from a Distance
Lisa Katon, Donor Relations + Grants Specialist

Since mid-March, I have been working from home… just a half-mile from the J, but physically cut off from the building where I work and where I grew up. I have missed seeing my friends, colleagues, and members that make the J feel like an extension of my home...

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Focus on Wellness
Joe Seitz

Listen to your body and focus on wellness right now. I am always fascinated at how people respond to challenges. There are optimists, pessimists, different personalities, and all of the conditions of human fabric that make our life at times so beautiful, and so tragic.

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Our Strong Community
Kelsey Kaplan

While the MJCC has been closed, I have missed the members and my coworkers immensely and I did not expect to long for the community the way I did during the first few weeks of quarantine. 

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Practice Love and Kindness
Grace Lawson

Last week, I went camping in the forests of our beautiful Oregon. With social distancing still in effect, it was a trip I took alone. Yet although I wasn't able to spend time with family or friends as I usually do, I found I wasn't lonely.

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It’s Almost Time!
Jennifer Harrington

June is my favorite month, and this year, I am even more excited that we have hit the midway point in the year. We are inching closer towards our building reopening and my countdown is on! 

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It's the End of Art as We Know it and I Feel Fine
Lenny Steinberg

There is a meme circulating social media that questions the notion that “we need art more than ever” during these difficult times with an image of a man with an exaggerated grimace on his face. I found the meme funny because of its truth, but it also prompted me to rethink “art”...

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