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Featured Blog Post

It's the End of Art as We Know it and I Feel Fine
Lenny Steinberg

There is a meme circulating social media that questions the notion that “we need art more than ever” during these difficult times with an image of a man with an exaggerated grimace on his face. I found the meme funny because of its truth, but it also prompted me to rethink “art”...

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Past Blogs

Why Is Summer Camp So Important?
Carli Rosenthal

The clock hits 9:00 am and a wave of MJCC summer day campers start flowing onto the green. Summer has began! Campers are getting dropped off, counselors are playing games, and unit heads are answering parents questions. There is a buzz in the air of excitement...

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National Water Safety Month
Jennie Condon

Last week, I dropped my car keys into the pool. While we are closed, the pools still require regular maintenance, so at least three days a week I get to head over the the J, test and adjust our chemical levels and equipment, and clean and reset the pool vacuum...

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#GivingTuesdayNow - Day For The J
Saul Korin

In September, the MJCC changed our model for fundraising. Out was our signature program, the Friends of the Center Brunch. In was our Friends of the Center Society, and an annual campaign...

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Physically Distant, Socially Connected
Jennifer Harrington

The front doors of our community center are locked. The treadmills stand still, there are no three-point shot attempts on the basketball courts, nor is children’s laughter echoing from the swimming pool. Our building is quiet — yet our community continues to stay connected.

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