A Viral Journey through Covid U.

A Viral Journey through Covid U.
Joe Seitz

Day 1: A warning flare from New Mexico, my daughter’s beloved WNMU (Western New Mexico University).  
Delaney (my daughter): Some girls on the team are not feeling good, I have a headache and a runny nose. I need some more money…

Heather (my wife): Joe prepare yourself. (My wife wisely knows I can get pretty emotionally escalated if there is a challenge regarding my daughter) I bet Delaney has the virus.

Me: No way, they wouldn’t get it in the first week of practice, this is when they would be at their peak of vigilance. They haven’t even had time to develop a false sense of security yet.  I’m going to investigate NCAA guidelines just in case. At this point I just needed a chore to keep me busy. (I am really trying to work through my flight or fight response. Since I’m older and slower, my flight is impaired and fighting is frowned upon at home.)

Day 2: Classic Covid symptoms.
Delaney: I can’t smell or taste anything. This is SO annoying. I have an awesome dinner planned for tonight. Coach says practice is cancelled for a whole week! Can you believe that?

Heather: She has it.

Me: She has it.

Day 4: It’s official. 
Delaney: So, 8 of us have it. My roommate does not. I got a cupcake from a friend and I couldn’t even taste it. What now. I’m already bored. Stuck here in the apartment.

Heather: Your roommate needs to go home because she lives pretty close. Joe now what? Delaney, you can’t leave your room for 2 weeks. 

Me: Can we light the University on fire? We have been running a fitness center for 6 months, how could they not make it a week? Ok, so I am doing in depth research on myocarditis and what it can mean for athletes. We need to demand a 12 lead ECG, troponin blood work, and a 3D echocardiogram to make sure there is no heart damage or she could die of a heart attack at her next practice. I know the odds are low, but this is Delaney!

Day 5: Reality. All the stages of grieving daily for about a week. 
Delaney: I am going insane. I feel fine now and want to get out of here. Can I work out? I sent the cutest TikTok to my friends…so bored….oh, my boyfriend has it too….they sent him to the Covid dorm…

Heather: You are not going anywhere. So get comfy. We are looking into the tests we want done for you. They only have one cardiologist in Silver City? We will check in on you daily.

Me: What do you mean you won’t cover these tests? You recommend them on your own website. They had already cancelled the season, we never should have sent her… They have a Covid dorm? 

Day 6: Youth, so impatient.
Delaney: I am the laughingstock of the team because you are the only ones making me do these dumb tests. I have made a home gym and am dominating in here but I want to get back to playing! I am fine, let me out.

Heather: Guess what? You are welcome that we love you so much and want to make sure you are safe. Eat something.

Me: I am the helicopter parent from hell! We are good, once the tests are good. A missed week will be nothing for your conditioning. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. I’ll send you workouts! 

Day 15:  When prayers are answered, you should just say thank you.  
Delaney: I crushed it at practice, but I am so sore! We did court drills, conditioning, and weights! I need to work on my bench press…I need some more money.

Heather: She’s back. Thank the Lord!

Me: Release the Kraken! I guess the “gradual transition” recommended for return to sport is out. I am so glad to hear you are back in action and healthy. We are blessed. So, how did your boyfriend get it?