The Magic Camp Bubble

The Magic Camp Bubble
Carli Rosenthal

I am sitting down on my couch, drinking a cup of coffee and reminiscing about summer day camp. 45 days of smiling faces, silly songs, messy projects, and memories for a lifetime. We knew this year of camp was going to be different for many reasons. The nuances of wearing masks, social distancing, isolated groups, and not having a swimming pool. These all seemed like daunting tasks at the beginning of summer but we faced them head on with simcha and the goal of providing camp magic for all.

With so much going on this year, camp was such a special place to explore, make new friends, try new things, and test creativity. I like to call it the magic camp bubble! It seemed like the worries of the outside world melted away and campers were able to have a sense of normalcy. This normalcy was cultivated by our rockstar camp counselors. I always like to ask the counselors during staff training, “who did you look up to when you were little? It can be a coach, teacher, sibling - whoever it is remember why they were so important to you”. The significance of this question prompts the counselors to think about their roles and what type of impact they want to have in camp. 

The MJCC Day Camp culture nurtures kindness, empathy, self-awareness, aspiration, teamwork and ruach. If you mix all of this together you get that magic camp experience! 

I am so proud of all of the counselors, campers, and families who helped make camp so special this year. The community we have at the MJCC is cherished and appreciated by so many. Thank you for your dedication and tireless energy at camp. We are thankful for you all and can’t wait to see you next summer! In the words of our Jewish Enrichment Specialist, L'chaim!

Stay tuned for fall programs.