The New Viral Game Sweeping the Nation

The New Viral Game Sweeping the Nation
Ashley Scacco

Okay, so maybe it’s not sweeping the nation just yet, but this week in the Sportsplex I had the privilege to witness an original camp kid created game. Pandemic. The camp group had compiled some of the universal intricacies of our world right now and with some creative twists the game “Pandemic” was born. The game began with the construction of a two bedroom, one bath rambler boasting an updated open floor plan and a multi colored exterior of gymnastics mats arranged to maximize square footage which was cooperatively erected to provide shelter for participating campers. A leader was then appointed (whether this was through democratic process or not remains unclear) to designate the rules for each “step” as society was allowed to advance through phases as well as mitigate any dissent from other citizens. 

Unfortunately, these steps were carefully planned out inside the muffled walls of the dwelling but I did catch that the restroom in their structure was not open for use until step two (a clear misstep and oversight by their governing body). Another rule that developed over the course of the game involved a single gymnastics mat being cast into exile 25 feet east of the residence but still located on the expansive property. This mat was designated as “being separate,” which was to be perceived as a version of quarantine and was instituted for citizens whose masks slipped below their nose and had been reminded by diligent camp counselors to pull their mask back up. “Being separate” constituted a very effective self-isolation model during which campers who had committed such an infraction as detailed above were to count to ten as fast as humanly possible and then were allowed to reintegrate into the game.

As much as youth sports and, in general, youth interactions have been impacted during the course of the pandemic, it was refreshing and beautiful to see that all the stress and uncertainty that weighs so heavily on us adults took on a much different form through the eyes of our campers.

- Ashley Scacco
Sports and Recreation Manager