Contact Us

Mittleman Jewish Community Center
6651 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, OR 97219
Phone: 503.244.0111
Fax: 503.245.4233

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General and Membership Information: 503.244.0111

Executive Director: Steve Albert, 503.535.3592

Chief Financial Officer: Beth Germain, 503.535.3593

Human Resource Director, Miriam Stroud, 503.535.3632

Assistant Executive Director, Jennifer Harrington, 503.535.3541

Program Director, Len Steinberg, 503.535.3555

Marketing + Creative Director, Becky Ewer, 503.535.3533

Membership + Customer Service Manager: Kelsey Kaplan, 503.535.3534

Rentals + Events Manager, Bethany West, 503.535.3634

Community Concierge: Linda Singer, 503.535.3539

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