Pillar Behaviors

Each and every MJCC staff member is expected to abide by the seven pillars of exemplary behavior as part of the MJCC team.

These pillars are as follows:

1. B'ruchim Ha'Baim - Welcome
2. Ezrah - Help or Assist
3. B'Yachad - Teamwork
4. Nikayon - Cleanliness
5. Kehillah - Build Community
6. L'hitraot - See You Again Soon
7. Ruach - Serve with Spirit and Have Fun

B'ruchim Ha'Baim - Welcome everyone!

  • Say "Hi" or "Shalom" with a smile in your voice and make eye contact
  • Be proactive
  • Greet the member by name (remember the 5-foot rule)

Ezrah - Help or Assist

  • Always look for the opportunity to say "Yes!"
  • Always provide an answer
  • Provide information that is up-to-date and accurate
  • Respond to all phone calls and comment cards in a timely manner (within 24 hours)

B'Yachad - Teamwork

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Get to know each other
  • Look for ways to help your teammates
  • Offer to introduce them to another team member
  • Promote and encourage your fellow team members

Nikayon - Cleanliness: Keep The Facility Clean, Stocked, and Ready

  • Always look for ways to make the club look clean and well-stocked
  • Make sure you clean your room or work area before the next program/session
  • Wipe down equipment after the member has used it
  • Keep all signage neat and clean and "take ones" stocked
  • If you notice a piece of equipment is not operating properly, place a sign on it for the member and immediately tell the maintenance team or the manager on duty

Kehillah - Build Community

  • Always look for ways to cross-promote other MJCC and PJA programs and services to your participants
  • Network outside of the MJCC and PJA. Encourage members of the community to join and/or participate in our programs and services
  • Look for opportunities to introduce members to each other

L'Hitraot - See You Again Soon!

  • Be proactive and complete each experience
  • Say "goodbye" with a smile in your voice and make eye contact
  • Use the member's name

Ruach - Serve with Spirit and Have Fun!

  • We smile, we laugh and we say "hi!"
  • We shake people's hands and give high fives
  • We celebrate successes
  • We always find a way to help a member