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Two Decades of Change
By Becky Ewer

Nineteen years ago, I accepted the job to work at the MJCC in marketing and design. After approximately 75 program guides, 19 day camp brochures, and countless weekly emails, I have experienced a tremendous amount of change and growth.

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They are the Lucky Ones
Lisa Katon

Jackson and Nina. George and Albert. Crixus and Aubrey. Maeve and Ziva. Amaya, Ella and Dot. Louie and Payton. Clark, Lowell and Simon. Liana and Sylvie.* What do all of these names have in common? They are just some of the lucky children of current MJCC staff members.

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What Does the Future Hold?
By Steve Albert

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is a time both to reflect on the year that just ended as well as to establish goals and resolutions for the year ahead. At the MJCC, this is a particularly exciting time as we plan for the future of our organization in two important ways.

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The B Relay
By Jennie Condon

In swimming (like track), teams have the option at most meets to enter multiple relays in each relay event. Each relay team is lettered, with the A relay being the fastest four swimmers from a given team, the B relay the second fastest, and so on. 

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JCC Maccabi Update - Day 2
Saul Korin

We started bright and early again getting onto buses around 6:30 am. Our boys 3 on 3 basketball team went two and two for the day and Sara, our tennis player, had a couple of great matches. There will be seeding tonight and more games tomorrow in the tournament.

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Team Oregon at JCC Maccabi in San Diego
Saul Korin

Greetings from San Diego! For the first time since 2019, the JCC Maccabi Games are back here in San Diego. Team Oregon arrived at 9:30 on Sunday morning ready to make new friends, trade pins, compete in their respective sports, and have a meaningful Jewish experience.

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Ani Ma'amin - I Believe
Saul Korin

Ani Maamin Beemuna Shelemah V’havi et ha mashiyach ani maamin
I believe with full faith in the coming of the Messiah, and though he/she may tarry, I believe.

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Phish as Talmud
By Saul Korin

I’ve been thinking about the band Phish. I quoted a Phish song in the MJCC’s fundraising appeal around Hanukkah, and attended two concerts in Eugene back in October. Many questions have been asked about why Phish is so popular with Jews of all ages...

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