JCC Maccabi Update - Day 2

JCC Maccabi Update - Day 2
Saul Korin

Day 2 - Maccabi!
We started bright and early again getting onto buses around 6:30 am. Our boys 3 on 3 basketball team went two and two for the day and Sara, our tennis player, had a couple of great matches. There will be seeding tonight and more games tomorrow in the tournament.

This year was the first year that the JCC Maccabi games included the Access games. Seven differently abled athletes from all over the world competed in what has been the most inclusive JCC Maccabi games yet. Their closing ceremonies were held today and featured a performance by the dancing competitors from the games as well as presentations from Doron Krakow the CEO of JCCA. Next year, in Fort Lauderdale, the program will be even bigger and better for our Access athletes. They had basketball, bowling, soccer and swimming competitions and medals were awarded to each of the athletes. 

Our day culminated with a trip to SeaWorld. 1500 athletes from all over the country and the world took SeaWorld by storm. The night ended with fireworks and bus rides back to host families or the dorms.

If you've never been to the JCC Maccabi Games before, you likely don't know the importance of pins. Each delegation has a pin and pins are traded and collected for years to come. Each Oregon athlete was given 40 pins to trade (and more if they wanted). It's an opportunity to connect and meet other participants. We will feature our JCC Maccabi pins at the MJCC when we get back.

Stay tuned for further reports!