The staff at the MJCC are proud to embrace these important Pillar Behaviors in order to ensure your experience is the best it can be. Please let us know how else we might be of service to you.

MJCC Administrative Staff:

Steven Albert, Executive Director
Beth Germain, Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Harrington, Assistant Executive Director
Miriam Stroud, Human Resources Director
Becky Ewer, Marketing + Creative Director
Lenny Steinberg, Program Director
Crysie Stichler, Accounts Receivable + Payroll Manager
Saul Korin, Development Manager
Ryan Ochoa, Aquatics Program Manager
Kelsey Kaplan, Membership + Retention Manager
Bethany West, Rentals + Events Manager
Scott Reese, Sports, Recreation + Camp Manager
Joe Seitz, Fitness Program Manager
Abe Argaw, Sports + Recreation Lead
Hillary Shifrin, Membership + Retention Assistant Manager
Sandy Engel, Graphic Designer + Marketing Specialist
Anna Hixon, Graphic Designer + Marketing Specialist
Lisa Katon, Donor Relations + Grants Specialist
Abbie Barash, Program Associate
Arzélie McAllister, Rentals + Events Associate
Maryjane Rocker, Executive Assistant
Linda Singer, Community Concierge
Denise Littlefield, Accounting Assistant