Day for the J

Join us for Day For The J: April 23, 2023!

Day for the J is a one-day fundraiser supporting the MJCC, where participants can choose to walk, swim, and play pickleball and/or racquetball (doubles tournaments), in support of the J. Children can come too and join "Kids for the J!"
Please note: new time for Walk for the J - 1:00 pm
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Amazing news... All fees are now WAIVED for Day for the J! We want everyone to come out and participate. Whether you're a swimmer, someone who loves to play racquetball or pickleball, have kiddos who want to come out and play in the Sportsplex, or just want to get together and walk, all are welcome to join us and show their love and support for the MJCC.

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Day for the J 2023

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The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer Family
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Leonard and Lois Schnitzer Family
Fund of OJCF

Steve Albert and Janie Goldenberg
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