The Mittleman Jewish Community Center is a proud beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community and greater Portland community.

Pool Rules

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• Children age 6 and younger must be accompanied at all times by a responsible caregiver age 16 or older within arm’s reach in the water.

• Children age 11 and younger must be directly supervised by a responsible caregiver age 16 or older on deck at all times.

• Children age 12 and younger must take a swim test in order to swim in either pool without a properly fitted USCG-approved flotation device.

• All non-swimmers, including those wearing flotation devices, must be within arm’s reach of a responsible caregiver age 16 or older in the water. 


• Patrons are only allowed in water when a lifeguard is present.

• All patrons must obey lifeguard on duty.

• A cleansing, head-to-toe shower is required before entering the pool.  

• Running is not permitted on the pool deck.

• Glass food and beverage containers are not permitted. 

• All swimmers must wear appropriate swimwear in the pool. Denim is not allowed.

• All children not yet potty trained must wear a swim diaper with tight fitting waist and legs.

• Diving is permitted off the deep end wall in Main Pool only. 

• Back dives, flips, and spins are not permitted. 

• Swimmers must enter the water feet first in shallow end of Main Pool and in all areas of Warm Water Pool.

• We are a family-friendly facility: foul language and inappropriate comments are not allowed.  

• Noodles are not to be used for hitting the water, other objects, or people. 

• Basketball must be played from in the water. No hanging on the hoop or dunking. 

• Swim fins are for swim lessons and lap swim only. They are not to be used in the Warm Water Pool. Fins are not to be worn on the pool deck.  

• No shoulder rides, dunking, horseplay or fighting of any kind. 

• Patrons who are ill, have an eye infection or open wounds, OR have/had diarrhea and/or vomiting within the last 2 weeks, OR have other communicable diseases are prohibited from using the pool.  

• Patrons with seizure, heart, or circulatory problems should not swim alone.  

• No breath-holding or extended underwater swimming.


• All participants must pass a swimtest to go on pool float without flotation. 

• Swimmers requiring flotation must be accompanied on the pool float by a responsible caregiver age 16 or older at all times.

• Each participant must wait for lifeguard’s command before using pool float.

• Participants must progress in a forward motion. No backtracking.  

• Do not swim under pool float.

• Exit slide feet first, on back and quickly swim out of the area. Do not wait at end of pool float.  

• Flips and dives from pool float are not allowed.

• Participants who fall off early must swim to nearest lane to exit.  


Anyone failing to adhere to these rules is subject to removal from the facility.

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