Open to Everyone!

The Mittleman Jewish Community Center is a proud beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community and greater Portland community.



Welcome back! Multnomah county has approved Phase 1 reopening. We are open! 
Please watch the video here for all the information you will need and refer to the graphic below for a snapshot.

Please note: you MUST make a reservation (up to 48 hours in advance) to come in to work out.
Two time slots per member per day are available. 

If you don't remember your username or password to login in to make a reservation, click here for instructions

Policy update as of 07/02/2020: We are now allowing members to sign up for two fitness time slots per day. The times can be back to back or they can be two completely different times during the day, for instance a morning time and a late afternoon time. Members are allowed to enter up to ten minutes early for their scheduled time. 

  • Members can sign up for their 50-minute appointment online here, or by calling the Welcome Desk. 
  • Members can sign up for two time slots, either back to back, or at two different times during the day.
  • If members arrive early, they can enter the building for their scheduled time slot up to ten minutes early.
  • At ten to the hour, those who signed up for the previous hour time slot and did not sign up for a second time slot, will exit through the exit, and those who are signed up for an additional time slot or who have arrived early for the next hour, can continue on.
  • Disinfecting and cleaning is happening continually throughout the day. 
  • We will reassess this process every 3 weeks, or as hourly usage increases, and update as needed.