Open to Everyone!

100 Days of Fitness Challenge

This year, we're hosting our own, MJCC 100 Days of Fitness Challenge!

In recent years, many MJCC members have participated in the national 100 Days of Fitness Challenge through the Jewish Community Center Association of North America. This year, the JCC Association will not be offering this challenge, but Team J has you covered. We know that so many in our community look forward to this friendly fitness competition each summer, so we created our own abbreviated version for our MJCC members! This summer, the MJCC 100 Days of Fitness Challenge will run similarly to our January  21 in '21 challenge, in which MJCC members compete against each other. Registration is open now and the challenge starts Monday! 

  • Get started by registering below! You can register and start the challenge any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • On Monday, May 31, you can start tracking how many total minutes of exercise per day and how many days per week you exercise (i.e. move your body for health) for 20 minutes or more per day using this form.
  • Weekly submissions will be accepted through Sunday at 11:59 pm for the previous Sunday through Saturday week. Submissions sent after Sunday at 11:59 pm cannot be counted.