The Mittleman Jewish Community Center is a proud beneficiary of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland and is proud of our partnership with them in strengthening our local Jewish community and greater Portland community.

21 in 21 Daily Log

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Member Name Activity Points
(Fitness Minutes) 
    Staff Name Activity Points
(Fitness Minutes)
  Edna K. 84 (6915)     Joe S.  84 (2495)
  Barbara K. 84 (2490)     Viv F.  83 (845)
  George S 84 (1090)     Ashley S. 82 (1895)
  Mary Jo C. 83 (2505)     Eric F. 81 (2675)
  Joanne V.  82 (2350)     Jennifer H. 78 (1770)


Special Events

Community Chats (Tara)
Wednesdays, Jan. 20, 27
3:00 pm
see description below
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Arm Balance + Upper Body Strength (Tara)
Thursday, Jan. 21
12:00 pm 
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Posture and Core (Julie)
Friday, Jan. 22
12:00 pm 
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Why a Trainer? (Jessica)
Mon., Jan. 25
12:00 pm 
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Mindfulness for Mental Health (Tara)
Thursday, Jan. 28
12:00 pm   
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21 in 21 Community Chats
Community is what happens when you show up for something regularly. In these trying times, many people are missing in-person community gatherings, but we can still connect virtually.  

We have created three- 1 hour zoom chats facilitated by Tara Atkinson. In each you will get to be in small groups with other JCC community members and also spend time in a larger community. Tara will provide interesting, thought provoking questions to get everyone started. Show up- see some old friends, meet some new acquaintances.