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Intro to Personal Training Package
Limit one package per person.
Three one-hour training sessions of any type
Cost: $169. Member Cost: $109.

Fitness Class Descriptions

Integrates unique flowing sequences with active moves, controlled postures, and physiotherapy training guided by breath to promote strength, flexibility, balance, and awareness. Classes offer a wide range of intensity and energy and are designed to benefit all ages and fitness levels. Instructor: Christina

The Body Shop
Push your limits with a class that combines cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Focus on HIIT training concepts, functional movements, and overall total body conditioning for a long, lean, strong body. Instructors: Hilary, Payton

BODYPUMP is for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout. It will burn up to 430 calories. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically-proven moves and techniques.
Instructors: Julie, April, Donna, Sarah, Shantini

Cardio Circuit
Use HIIT principles in this 30-minute intense circuit training to increase performance in a group setting and challenge the limits of your fitness. Be efficient in your fitness movement and workout time. Instructor: Payton

Core Strength + Movement
Sculpt a strong mid-section, while focusing on functional training concepts that will take your workouts from inside the gym and incorporate them into your everyday life. Whether you are a long distance runner, bodybuilder, or just looking to get fit, training with functional concepts is a must in order to be strong and healthy. Suitable for all fitness levels. Instructor: Julie

Sprint, climb, spin, and sweat in this high energy group biking experience set to powerful music. This cardio workout is done on a stationary bike and is based on cycle principles which focus on cadences, heart-rate zones, drills, climbs, and sprints. Instructors: Jennifer B., Sabra, Dorian, Jessica

This class combines 30 minutes of high intensity cycling followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Cycling is a combination of hills, endurance and speed set to the beat of fun energizing music. Yoga will focus on strength and lengthening, using a vinyasa yoga sequence. Challenging but accessible for all fitness levels. Instructor: Sabra

Forever Fit
Move it, strengthen it, and stretch it in this mixed-format class. Guaranteed to work all your muscles, including your heart. Great for beginners and active seniors. Instructor: Jessica

Recharge, rejuvenate, and come alive with this blend of dance, martial, and healing arts! Nia stimulates body, mind, and spirit. Great for all fitness levels. Instructor: Patricia, Tony


Pilates (Mat)
Improve range of motion, postural strength and balance, abdominal strength, stability and control, and learn the body’s awareness to its position in space. (For private Pilates Reformer call 971.803.7309.) Instructors: Julie, Angie

Gentle Pilates
Perfect for those new to Pilates who prefer a slower pace or have injuries or disabilities. Includes movements to improve core strength, balance, and flexibility. Instructor: Angie

Senior Strength + Balance
Use your muscles in a safe environment to strengthen and practice the important movements that increase balance and movement ability. Seniors can experience strength gains later in life and practice balance moves to reduce the likelihood and seriousness of falling and other common movement injuries. Instructor: Jessica

Tai Chi for Falls Prevention
Improve balance, mobility, and flexibility while also increasing muscular strength and reducing blood pressure. This class consists of a series of individual dance - like movements and forms that flow smoothly and gently from one to the other in a sequence. Instructor: John

Chair Yoga
Designed for seniors, people with physical challenges, or anyone wanting a slower-paced exercise program. Yoga poses focus on balance, strength, and flexibility using a chair. Instructor: Amy

Happy Hour Yoga
Leave your week’s mental and physical stress behind. Enter Shabbat and the weekend clear, calm, and refreshed. Experience the tranquility of Vinyasa Yoga mixed with a spark of spirituality. Everyone and all levels welcome. Instructor: Vivian

Vinyasa Yoga
Flow through this class focusing on meditative breath, body strength, proper body alignment in asanas (postures), flexibility, and balance. A variety of levels are available. Instructors: Tara, Carol M.

Gentle Hatha Yoga
Slower-paced than traditional yoga offerings, this yoga class is a blend of Iyengar (alignment focus), a bit of Viniyoga (moving with breath), and Anusara influence (mind, body, spirit). Perfect for beginners, people with injuries or disabilities, or those who just want to take it a bit easier. Instructors: Amy, Tara

Yoga - Yin Yang 
A series of long-held floor poses, gently targeting the deep connective tissue of the hips, pelvis, legs, and low back. Can be an entry level yoga practice or complement a more active practice. Instructor: Sabra

Dance your way to fitness, with Latin and international rhythms. Maximize caloric output, burn fat, and tone your body in a fun, party-like atmosphere. Instructors: Mandy, Sandy, Amanda