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Adult Class Descriptions

Fitness Class Descriptions

Aqua HIIT is High Intensity (low joint impact) Interval Training in the Main Pool. This vigorous aqua-express class will help you burn calories and make the most out of your lunch break.

High energy routines let you burn the most calories while still enjoying a no-to-low impact workout. Get ready to heat it up in our cool pool! 

This no-to-low impact class is perfect for those looking to start a fitness routine or add variety to an existing one. The water provides buoyancy for support while you build a strong body. Great for rehabilitating after injuries.

Arthritis Exercise
Warm water is the ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness. This class will help you gain flexibility, range of motion, and strength while relieving pain. Also appropriate for persons without arthritis.

Barbell Strength
It’s a fun, barbell-based workout that uses a combination of light to moderate weights, music, and tempo changes with a focus on endurance to create leaner, stronger muscles. All levels welcome.

Cardio Kickboxing
Join us for cardio kickboxing, a fun combination of martial arts and upbeat cardio. This high-energy class will help improve coordination and build lean muscle, while having fun. 

Core - Seniors
Strengthen that core and improve your balance and posture, while mitigating or avoiding back problems! This is a gentle, introductory class that focuses on the core. You can stand, sit, use the wall for balance, or get on the floor based on your abilities and comfort levels with the various exercises. You’ll move in lots of different ways, get that heart rate up, and have fun all while feeling comfortable and balanced.  

Core Strength - Intermediate Core
This class includes a full-body warm-up, low-intensity core, high-intensity core, 15 minutes core on the floor, balance, and cool-down. This class does not use weights. It is meant for moderately conditioned individuals. If you’ve been doing moderate to high-intensity cardio and weights for at least 6 months, you are likely moderately conditioned. You need to be able to get down to and up from the floor fairly easily.

Core - Advanced
This class focuses on all of the abdominal muscles. It is also a full-body workout and will improve your balance, as well. It includes a full-body warm-up, low-intensity core, high-intensity core, core with weights, 15 minutes of core on the floor, balance, and cool-down. This class is for CONDITIONED INDIVIDUALS who have been doing high-intensity cardio and weights for AT LEAST 6 months. If you’re not sure if this class is for you, participate in a Core Strength class. If that class doesn’t challenge you, try this class.

Sprint, climb, spin, and sweat in this high energy group biking experience set to powerful music. This cardio workout is done on a stationary bike and is based on cycle principles which focus on cadences, heart-rate zones, drills, climbs, and sprints.

Forever Fit
Move it, strengthen it, and stretch it in this mixed-format class. Guaranteed to work all your muscles, including your heart. Great for beginners and active seniors.

Happy Power Hour 
Learn the fundamentals of weightlifting in this new class. Weight training improves sleep, metabolism, sugar, and insulin absorption. Build muscle growth and definition, coordination and balance.

Have an injury? If you are cleared for exercise, we’ll put the modification together. Big event coming up? Kick your workout and recovery up a notch. Aerobic intervals of Martial Arts drills and step give a variety of intensity and fun burning fat and yielding results.

What you leave with:
• Stronger body and weightlifting gains.
• Improve weightlifting technique barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, punching bags more in Fall and Winter.
• Sense of community and belonging spilling over into more positive changes.

Recharge, rejuvenate, and come alive with this blend of dance, martial, and healing arts! Nia stimulates body, mind, and spirit. Great for all fitness levels. 

Pilates (Mat) 
Improve range of motion, postural strength and balance, abdominal strength, stability and control, and learn the body’s awareness to its position in space.

Senior Strength + Balance
Seniors can experience strength gains later in life and practice balance
moves to reduce the likelihood and seriousness of falling and other common movement injuries. 

Tai Chi forHealth
Tai Chi is a time-tested form of moving meditation that has multiple health benefits. This class features both Sun and Yang-style Tai Chi. Each session includes warmups, practice, review or instruction of at least one movement in detail, and cool-downs, with an interweaving of Qigong here and there.

Yoga - Chair 
Chair yoga is a beneficial form of yoga for any fitness level, from active seniors to those recovering from an injury. It has low impact on joints and improves flexibility.

Yoga - Gentle 
Slower-paced than traditional yoga offerings, this yoga class is a blend of Iyengar (alignment focus), a bit of Viniyoga (moving with breath), and Anusara influence (mind, body, spirit). Perfect for beginners, people with injuries or disabilities, or those who just want to take it a bit easier. 

Yoga - Vinyasa
Flow through this class focusing on meditative breath, body strength, proper body alignment in asanas (postures), flexibility, and balance. A variety of levels are available

Dance your way to fitness, with Latin and international rhythms. Maximize caloric output, burn fat, and tone your body in a fun, party-like atmosphere. 

Zumba Gold
Zumba Gold is done at a much lower intensity. It’s just as much fun just not as fast! Zumba Gold utilizes the same great Latin styles of music and dance allowing you time to learn the steps that are used in Zumba basic program. 


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