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Our skilled therapists strive to serve you at a time you find convenient. Please call 503.244.0111 or stop by the Welcome Desk to make an appointment.

Payment Options
The MJCC accepts payment for services by check, cash or credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express). Payment is required once appointment has been booked. Payment can be made at the Welcome Desk.

Prices and Gratuities
Our prices may change without notice. A 15% gratuity is customary in appreciation for your spa services. You may leave a gratuity for your therapist in the tip envelope provided by the Welcome Desk or with your therapist.

Let the Relaxation Begin!
Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your appointment. As a courtesy to other guests, late arrivals will end on time and full charges will apply.

Massage Cancellation: We have reserved a massage appointment especially for you! If you need to cancel a massage appointment, please call our Welcome Desk at 503.244.0111 at least 24 hours in advance. You will be charged a $35 cancellation fee for any missed appointments or for less than 24 hour notice.

Guest Confidentiality
MJCC’s massage therapists maintain our guests’ confidentiality and may refer a client to another healthcare practitioner if he or she deems necessary a treatment that is outside the scope of practice.

Give the Gift of Relaxation
A gift certificate for a massage makes a lovely gift for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays! Please inquire at the Welcome Desk for more information. (Gift Certificates are transferable and expire one year after date purchased.)

Appointments are available each day of the week by calling Welcome Desk at 503.244.0111.

Massage Rates

Unless noted, prices for massages are:

30 minute
Cost: $70. Member Cost: $50.
1 hour
Cost: $90. Member Cost: $70.
1.5 hours
Cost: $115. Member Cost: $95.
(3) pack 60 minute massages
Member Cost: $195.
(3) pack 90 minute massages
Member Cost: $270.

Package: If you buy a package that includes at least three massages, you will receive $15 off the total price.

Massage Styles

Therapeutic - This involves the use of many techniques to help release chronic muscle tension, aid recovery from injury or soreness and address your health concerns. Pressure is adjusted to your own comfort level remember, it doesn’t have to hurt to be effective.

Sports - This massage utilizes a combination of techniques and is designed to address aspects of athletics such as training, pre and post sports events, injury recovery and improvement in ability. Please check with your doctor before receiving massage after an acute injury.

Swedish - This is a relaxing traditional style, which uses long strokes, usually at a medium pressure, to improve circulation and skin tone, to soothe tired muscles and to relieve tension.

Deep Tissue - This massage affects muscle deep within the body, by applying long sustained strokes and prolonged deep pressure, which provides a recalibration of neuromuscular system.

Custom - This is not strictly one modality of massage but the therapist’s blend of a variety of techniques tailored to address your specific needs. Price may vary depending on massage.