Swim Lessons

Swim Lesson Assessment

We are pleased to offer free swim lesson assessments to participants who are new to our program. During the assessment, one of our instructors will lead your child through a series of skills to determine the appropriate level. Please call ahead to schedule your assessment.

Enrollment FAQs

  • You may register online or in person at the Guest Service Desk.
  • Payment must be provided at time of registration to guarantee spot.
  • Enrollment is accepted up until the half-way point of the session.
  • If a participants miss a class, they are not allowed to drop in to other classes or levels. If a class or program is canceled due to inclement weather or other cause, we are unable to schedule make-up sessions or provide refunds. We will give one voucher per session, for 10% off enrollment of one class during the next program session, even if more than one class is canceled. This voucher may not be turned into a refund.
  • Swim lesson registration fee does not include open swim before/after class. As always, all persons participating in open swim must pay the daily admission fee or use their membership card before entering the pools. Supervision policy applies.

Accommodating Waitlists

All programs operate with minimum enrollment requirements and maximum enrollment capacities. We reserve the right to cancel, change, or combine programs when minimum program enrollments have not been met.

Once a program is filled, a waitlist will be created. You will be called if an opening becomes available or if additional classes are created. Note: If additional classes are created, they may not be at the same time or day as the original program.

Note: swim diapers with tight fitting waist and legs required for children not yet potty trained.

Find a Class

  • Parent + Child: 6 months - 2 years
  • Preschool (PS): 3 - 6 years
  • Youth (Y): 6 - 11 years
  • Private Lessons: All ages

Parent + Child Lessons

Starfish: Parent + Child (6 months - 2 years)
Class Ratio: 1:15
Warm Pool
Developed for children 6 months to 2 years, Parent + Child helps young children get ready to swim by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and children participate in guided practice sessions that introduce kids to elementary swimming skills through songs and games. All children not yet potty trained must wear a swim diaper with tight fitting waist and legs.

Puddle Jumpers Class Added
Ages 2 - 4 NEW!
Warm Pool
Make the transition from parent-assisted swim lessons to independence in our regular group lessons with Puddle Jumpers. Instructors will help parents and children navigate the waters
as the parent is gradually phased out of the class and the child develops independence while continuing basic water acclimation and exploration.

Preschool + Youth Lessons

PS Angelfish / Y Angelfish: Introduction to the Water
Class Ratio: 1:5
Warm Pool

Learn to enter and exit the water, submerge face, exhale underwater, explore floating and moving with support. Work on water acclimation and breath control. Prerequisites: None

PS Blowfish / Y Blowfish: Fundamental Water Skills
Class Ratio: 1:5
Warm Pool
Learn to submerge entire head, float on front and back, glide on front and back, roll over, paddle on front and back and use combined arm and leg motions. Children will be progressing to independent floating, swimming and jumping.
Prerequisites: Child is comfortable in the water, able to willingly submerge eyes, nose and mouth, can float with assistance, can move independently in shallow water or with assistance, and is able to follow directions.

PS Crocodile / Y Crocodile: Stroke Development
Class Ratio: 1:5
Warm Pool + Main Pool
Learn front & back crawl and elementary backstroke. Work on endurance and treading water. Practice swimming 25 yards.
Prerequisites: Child can float on front and back and swim 15 ft. independently without flotation. Child is comfortable going under water and entering the deep end of the pool.

PS Dolphin / Y Dolphin: Stroke Improvement
Class Ratio: 1:5
Main Pool
Improve front & back crawl, elementary backstroke and treading water. Learn the basics of breaststroke, sidestroke, butterfly, and standing dives.
Prerequisites: Understands the basic concepts of front crawl & back crawl, is comfortable swimming 25 yards and comfortable in deep water, is able to perform a sitting and kneeling dive.

Y Eel: Stroke Refinement
Class Ratio: 1:6
Main Pool
Refine and coordinate all the strokes. Learn racing and surface dives, open turns, shallow angle dives, breaststroke and butterfly.
Prerequisites: Can perform front crawl & back crawl, has a basic understanding of breast stroke and dolphin kicking, can perform a standing dive, is comfortable swimming 50 yards.

Y Flying Fish: Stroke + Skill Proficiency
Class Ratio: 1:8
Main Pool
Refine strokes to increase ease, efficiency, power and smoothness. Learn the
principles of fitness swimming such as drills, interval training, flip turns
and basic lifeguard rescue techniques.
Prerequisites: Able to swim front & back crawl, breast stroke and has a basic understanding of butterfly. Can dive from the side of the pool and is able to swim 100 yards.

Class Schedule Grids

Parent/Child Swim Lessons (6 mos. - 2 yrs.)

Winter 2018 Schedule
Parent/Child Session - One Day Per Week

Winter 2018 Schedule
Parent/Child Session - One Day Per Week

Parent/Child Swim Lessons (2 - 4 yrs.) NEW!

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3 - 6 yrs.)

Winter 2018 Schedule
Preschool - One Day Per Week

Winter 2018 Schedule
Preschool Session I - Two Days Per Week

Winter 2018 Schedule
Preschool Session II - Two Days Per Week

Youth Swim Lessons (Ages 6 - 11 yrs.)

Winter 2018 Schedule
Youth - One Day Per Week

Winter 2018 Schedule
Youth Session I - Two Days Per Week

Winter 2018 Schedule
Youth Session II - Two Days Per Week

Private Lessons + Training

Private Swim Lessons

Private (1:1) and semi-private (1:2) lessons are a great way to focus on improving your skills in the water. Our caring and competent instructors will assist you in setting and meeting your personal swimming goals. We can help you conquer your fears, learn a new skill, or improve your training regimen.

To get started, fill out a Private Lesson Request Form. Forms may be submitted online or in person at the Member Service Desk. Note: Please allow five to seven business days for an instructor to contact you. Private lesson requests are filled based on instructor availability.

Our private lesson offerings are currently at capacity. We will be actively monitoring participation and will reopen enrollment for private lessons when more availability arises. If you are eager to start swimming, we encourage you to explore our group lesson offerings.

Private: 5 x ½ hr. Cost: $255. Member Cost: $180.
Semi: 5 x ½ hr. Cost: $188/student. Member Cost: $125/student.
Price is per person.

Aquatic Personal Training

Private aquatic therapy offered by Laurie Shepard is perfect for anyone with injuries, chronic pain, limited mobility or other conditions. Call to schedule a private session and find out for yourself the healing powers of the water. Laurie Shepard: 503.358.4383; Email: lilytherapies@gmail.com
½ hr.: Cost: $50. Member Cost: $35.

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